The Danger of a Single Story.

The unguarded mind is very delicate. The programming of the mind to fear and influence is a very real thing. Repetition is usually the method used, but one single story is Diabolical enough to an unlearned, off gaurd metality. Persuasive information to a certain person can create what we call a  “Red- Eye”. A Red-Eye is when you see a person and their actions only in a negative light. No matter how much progress, no matter how positive or great of a job, project, or endeavor this person has completed, you only find the negative in it. The influential idea is to say this person is bad and all of  his/her actions towards any matter comes from a place of evil. New stations do it, history books do it, movies and music the whole nine, and through this effort certain demographics are singled out. Experiences the red eye syndrome bring about are the following: police profiling, discriminated against by homeowners associations and employers and Banks Winston Churchill prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 said this history is written by The Victors he who wins the war it tournament in which in which what imagery will be projected in the stories of History and that which will be perpetuated like the Press in the presence

In response to the TED talk video of Rusul Alrubail and how it pertains to my challenges at a H.B.C.U. : Adapt, adjust, and advance these are the thoughts that come to my head once I am faced with adversity. Sometimes you have to take a moment to reflect on the events leading up to this “Cross Road” moment. For a lot of people it takes just basic practice, practice on how to recognize these “Crossroad” moments no person can make it out here alone no man is an island. When one reaches success the moral thing to do is turn around and help someone else up. It will start a chain reaction of success and help the youth to equip themselves with tools needed to be able to overcome situations of adversity. There are times when I feel like I have no one. These are times when I feel like I am my strongest. Failure is not an option, Fear is not a factor, and faith without works is dead.



Looking at the recent events  in the U.S. concerning the Africans who have been here for hundreds of years the message is quite clear. You either lay down your self-awareness, your culture, and your core values in exchange for the illusion of the “American Dream”, or be plastered and falsely accused as some black lives matter terrorist type whose argument is only fueled by their disdain for authority. A notion that is accompanied by a false ideology that says those who have this “hatred” for amerikkka is derived from their own laziness. Most of these people have no idea about the war of 1591. T he ones who do will only continue in their pseudo-science of trying to explain away the validity of our argument and their guilt of tearing down and never building back up’, well their ancestors at least. There has been no direct retribution for the people who suffer the effects of the Trans-Atlantic Institution of Slavery and Jim Crow. We have to stay true to ourselves takeover our local communities and practice group economics. When society shows that to them black lives don’t matter to them by legalizing murder and refusing to honor Field Order #15. We have to take the initiative and observe the value in ourselves!!!! Education, Economics, Health, Politics and Defense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue to follow me for more details.